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Trump: An American Dream – Netflix and Channel 4

Producer / Director – Ep 4 – Series that charts Trump’s extraordinary journey through five decades as businessman, developer, media star, politician before reaching the White House. It is also the story of modern America.

60  Mins (May 2017 – Aug 2017)

72 Films


Deadliest Place to Deal – BBC Three

Producer / Director – In the last eight months a staggering 7000 people have been killed in the Philippines. In this hard-hitting documentary, reporter Livvy Haydock investigates the world’s bloodiest war on drugs.

60 Mins (Nov 2016- Feb 2017)



India’s Blind Daters – Channel 4

Producer / Director – Indians living with a disability often find themselves shut out of the marriage market. Marcel follows three Mumbai locals as they navigate caste, religion and family to find someone to marry.

24 Mins (Feb-Mar 2016)

Quicksilver Media




40 Years to Find My Family – Channel 4

Producer / Director – 40 years ago, sisters Hong and Bo were separated by a brutal war. They’ve been looking for each other ever since.  A popular television show is bringing them back together.

24 Mins (Feb-Mar 2015)

Quicksilver Media


Ann Ug

15 and Learning to Speak – Channel 4

Producer / Director – Unreported World follows the inspirational work of the sign language teachers transforming the lives of deaf children and adults in Uganda who have never been able to communicate until now.

24 mins (Sep-Oct 2014)

Quicksilver Media


DogthumbVietnam’s Dog Snatchers – Channel 4

Producer / Director – Unreported World investigates how dog thieves are stealing thousands of pet dogs from family homes in Vietnam to sell to restaurants. The thefts have provoked outrage and led to the mob killing of scores of perpetratrors.

24 mins (Jul-Aug 2014)

Quicksilver Media


Nigeria-thumbDispatches: Nigeria’s Hidden War –  Channel 4 and PBS

Filmed and Edit Produced by – In the wake of the kidnap of 300 schoolgirls by Boko Haram, this film exposes the other shocking side of Nigeria’s war on Islamist terror: a campaign by Nigeria’s security forces against civilians that’s so violent it could constitute war crimes.

48 mins (Jun-Jul 2014)

Evan Williams Productions


DrugthumbAfrica’s Drugs Scandal – Channel 4

Producer / Director We travel to Senegal to reveal why patients across the continent are deprived of morphine – the most important drug for relieving the pain of cancer – despite governments having the funds to purchase supplies.

24 mins (Mar-April 2014)

Quicksilver Media


Thai thumb 2

Kicboxing Kids – Channel 4

Producer / Director We travel to Thailand to document the lives of children as young as seven who take part in the brutal combat sport of Muay Thai. Nat Thanarak is 11 years old and one of the best child boxers in the north of the country. We follow him as he prepares for the biggest match of his young career.

24 mins (Jan-Feb 2014)

Quicksilver Media


China thumb 2

China’s Model Army – BBC Our World

Producer / Director For the first time, the Chinese army has granted access to foreign cameras. The crew joins two British officers as they part in an exchange programme with one of the country’s top military academies.

26 mins (Nov-Dec 2013)

Genie Pictures



The Abandoned – Channel 4              

Producer / Director – Unreported World – Paralympic champion Ade Adepitan travels to Mexico City to meet the former patients who are bravely going back inside psychiatric institutions to expose the horrific conditions they endured.  But by doing so they are putting their own mental health at risk.

24 mins (Aug-Oct 2013)

Quicksilver Media



This World: Don’t Panic! The Truth About Population  – BBC 2

Producer / Director (Mozambique Segment)  Using state-of-the-art 3D graphics and the timing of a stand-up comedian, world-famous statistician Professor Hans Rosling presents a spectacular portrait of our rapidly changing world. Whilst we often look to the future with dread, Rosling’s powerful message is refreshingly upbeat.

60 mins (Jul 2013)

Wingspan Productions


Haf thumbDeath Row Teenagers  – Channel 4

Producer / Director – Unreported World – Krishnan Guru-Murthy meets Yemeni lawyer Hafedh Ibrahim who’s working to save the lives of young death row inmates.  But Hafedh was himself once a child sentenced to death, pardoned only minutes away from execution.  

24 mins (Apr-May 2013 )

Quicksilver Media


Gaza2Gaza’s Property Ladder  – Channel 4

Producer / Director– Unreported World – One of the planet’s most unlikely property booms is currently taking place in war-torn Gaza. The film reveals how the most sought after areas are those that are not usually shelled or hit by missiles.

24 mins (Feb-Mar 2013 )

Quicksilver Media


DominicanBaseball Dreams   – Channel 4

Producer / Director – Unreported World -The Dominican Republic provides almost 20% of professional baseball players in the United States. In a country where many are very poor, the sport is one of the few routes out for young men. But the cost of failure at 18 years old can be devastating.

24 mins (Aug-Oct 2011 )

Quicksilver Media


SudanTerror in Sudan  – Channel 4

Producer / Director – Unreported World gains rare access inside the conflict zone of the Nuba mountains and exposes a secret campaign by the Sudanese government to kill thousands of civilians through aerial bombardment and forced starvation.

24 mins (Feb-Apr 2012) Quicksilver Media

Winner of 2012 Rory Peck Sony Impact Award


RomneyThis World:  The Mormon Candidate – BBC

Producer – John Sweeney investigates the beliefs of Mitt Romney, the candidate that would go on to compete with Barack Obama, and asks whether America is ready for a Mormon president.

60 mins (Dec-Jan 2012 )



HondurasHonduras: Diving into Danger – Channel 4

Producer / Director – Unreported World – The team follows a group of men from the Mosquito coast as they journey deep into the Caribbean to dive for lobster, a job so dangerous that it has left hundreds dead and thousands paralysed.

24 mins (Sep-Nov 2011 )

Quicksilver Media


ShoorShoot to Kill – Current TV

Producer, Director and Editor. South African politicians are promoting a new slogan to deal with the country’s seemingly intractable crime problem: ‘shoot to kill’. But the strategy has backfired.

50 mins  (Feb 2010)

Twine Films


NepalKidnap Fever – Al Jazeera English

Producer, Director and Editor. Three years after the civil war ended in Nepal people expected peace, but now kidnapping groups roam the capital and a new armed insurgency has erupted in the South.

30 mins  (Aug 2009)

Twine Films


World of WWorld of Witchcraft – AJE

Producer, Director and Editor. Documentary investigating the extraordinary legal system of Central African Republic, a country which every year tries and imprisons hundreds of women for the crime of witchcraft.

53 mins (Feb 2009)

Insight News TV


ImmigrationThe Immigration Game – BBC

Producer, Director and Editor  A 3-part special investigation for BBC Newsnight uncovering the lives of illegal immigrants in modern Britain. Personally did undercover work.

3 x15 mins (Aug 2008)

Insight News TV


KidsHow to make a difference in Africa – Afrikids

Producer, Director and Editor. Documentary exploring the failures of the aid industry and looking at alternative models for development.

50 mins  (Mar 2008)




CorruptionDispatches: How to get ahead in Africa  – Channel 4

Editor- Offline. Hard-hitting documentary exploring the devastating effects of corruption in African societies.

48 mins (Oct 2007)

Insight News TV


WaterWater Story  – AJE

Producer, Editor. Following a day in the life of two women, one in a city, one in the countryside, as they struggle to find water for their families.

12 mins (Jan 2007)

Insight News TV